A message from Stevie Ward

I have seen the ultimate highs and lows in professional sport as a rugby league player. I feel like I have been on quite a unique journey to where I am up to date. I have won several major trophies but also incurred serious injuries and suffered with depression in 2014. Flickers of anxiety during a 12-month knee injury layoff, gave me reason to create Mantality. I wanted to put a media platform out there which doesn’t shy away from publicising mental health or touching upon the hard parts of life that everyone can go through. Combine this with some inspirational content which people can look at and learn from, then you have got what we are doing.


The ‘Millennial Mind Movement’ is the culture swing in a powerful generation. We’re approaching a tipping point where young people, particularly young men, are discovering an appetite to be more open and honest about their feelings.

Millennials are growing tired of the meaningless content which serves as a “sugar rush” online. We recognise the social pressures and anxieties which come with being a ’20something’ navigating the web. Mantality promotes real stories with real lessons learned. We are not dictating a way be. We are offering different content which is more stimulating and mind opening than the regular ‘sugar rush’, click bait content which we see every day.


Mantality is an online magazine with diverse and enthusing movements for millennials to follow. There is a theme throughout our content which instils the idea to learn and grow.

Our readers value authenticity from personal accounts to colourfully illustrate their 20’s and 30’s. We encourage the expansion of the comfort zone and we are there for the ride of what the millennial can go through mentally at a pivotal stage of their life.

Mantality is to inspire the everyday male to live a more comprehensive version of themselves; with their mind to be the first point of address.