Mantality was launched in 2016 by Stevie Ward, professional rugby player and captain of the Leeds Rhinos. After experiencing the ultimate highs of winning trophies but also the devastating lows which come with injuries, Stevie spoke out about his own mental health. He created Mantality, dedicating his spare time away from the rugby field to move society to a place beyond stigma. A place where mental health can be spoken about openly and where relationships and passions can be cultivated, and overall performance improved.

Mantality’s mission is to support and inspire the every day male to become a more comprehensive version of themselves, with mindset being the first point of address.

We develop the conversation through podcasts and articles.
We educate through our Mantality in Education and corporate workshops.
We carry our message through Mantality Apparel.
We connect with our community of like minded individuals at the Mantality Club.

The Need

  • Male suicide is still at epidemic proportions with suicide being the most likely cause of death for men under 45.
  • Men are less likely to seek help and and often suffer in silence.
  • Cultural norms haven’t taught men to understand and communicate their emotions

What We Want to Do

  • Continue with our ‘Mantality in Education’ programme equipping young boys with the correct tools to deal with their feelings and be aware of their mental health. We want to be proactive as well as reactive when it comes to dealing with this issue.
  • Run more workshops throughout the year giving men the opportunity to learn about themselves, form better habits and expand their comfort zones. These will range from half a day to a full weekend retreat.
  • Increase our Podcast output with relevant, regular content to encourage and inspire you.
  • Create a pool of like minded people stemming from the Mantality Club who support our work and will get access to special events and Mantality gatherings.
  • Offer immediate psychological support to people who need it from the 25% of profits we make through Mantality Apparel

We are going further than ‘it’s okay not to be okay’. We are creating a movement where men can be vulnerable, address our mental health and then take up the responsibility to do something about it, to go find meaning and purpose within our lives.

Mental health impacts how we all interact, how we listen to and deal with each other, how we give and receive feedback. It is the basis from which we perceive life and how we capitalise on the good times as well as the bad. It is time to pay attention to it.

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