REVIEW: Drake – More Life

The king of the Beta Male is back. And with great sentiment come more tales of long-lost women, more guests, more genres, more producers, more tough-guy patois, more grime, more Drakes, MORE LIFE. The album ...

Captain Fantastic [Film Review]

Captain Fantastic - no, it’s not the latest lyrca-loving Marvel hero but an Indie flick with some of the offbeat-family vibe of Little Miss Sunshine, but reared in the foreboding forests of The Mosquito Coast. ...

The Blonde Reality

Only 24 hours after I wrote some words on Endless, ‘FUCK, SORRY… I TOOK A NAP, BUT IT’S PLAYING ON APPLE RADIO RN.’ - Frank, via Tumblr  FFS Frank, I can’t keep up with double releases.  We learnt tha...