I thought I would do a short and mainly pictorial blog on one of my favourite places in North Yorkshire. This was introduced to me by a friend a few years back.  About ten minutes past Bolton Abbey (a very popular tourist attraction), there is a small village called Burnsall, and running through the village is the Wharfe River.


If you park up at a pub called the Red Lion, next to a nice stone bridge, follow the river upstream for around ten minutes. As you start to ascend, there is an opening in the trees. If you look down through the opening, there will be a rock pool just after some rapids have calmed, and that’s where we are going to jump.  I would say its around eight to ten metres high, which doesn’t sound much – but when you can’t see what lies beneath the water, it can be a little daunting. Although I can assure you that it is safe (the rumour is that it is thirty foot deep), I would suggest climbing down the mossy verge just past it and going for a swim to get a feel of it first. Have a dive in and try swim to the bottom – I assure you that you won’t be able to reach the bottom, unless you’re a freak.


Whenever I get the chance, on a good day, I will come at the drop of a hat, working it around training of course – unfortunately, good days in England are few and far between as we all know. But that is what I wanted to touch on. I think the English countryside, especially North Yorkshire, is very underrated, especially Burnsall which I think is a hidden gem. I enjoy everything about it, from the journey up through the Dales along the winding roads with views of the green country valleys. The walk up to the river is an experience in itself. But painfully, it goes neglected due to our bipolar weather conditions, so that is why I like to utilise such locations whenever possible. The next time the sun is out, instead of getting the barbecue out, have a ride up to Burnsall. A little dash of escapism amongst the daily routines of work or responsibilities can be refreshing.

I hope this has intrigued the local adrenaline seeker or the one who is lying dormant thinking that you have to board a plane to gain this experiences and come out of their comfort zone!


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