Stag do’s are quite possibly the most epic thing about having a wedding. While we’re not saying there aren’t a wealth of wonderful side effects that come from marrying the woman you love, it doesn’t get better then going away for a last hurrah with your boys!

But the reality of organising a stag do can be tricky, especially if you’ve got different personalities on board who want to do different things. Is it possible to please all crowds? Leading stag do organiser, Eventhuse believes you can – and here, the company has laid out a selection of various popular activities that are bound to please even the toughest of customers.

Adrenalin Junkies: The adrenalin junkies are those lads in the group that get high from fast paced, fear inducing activities that get the heart racing. If you have a couple of these fellas in your crew, there is a plethora of activities that will satiate even the most hard-core dare devils. And for those who aren’t content with average amounts of adrenalin coursing through their bodies, why not try something a little more intense like skydiving, bungee jumping or even drive a monster truck!

The Classic Gentlemen: The classic gent is not going to have his appetite whetted with run of the mill pub crawls or paintballing, this is a stag do guest who needs to be treated to a little more class and style. This refined guest would be better suited to a round of golf, a spot of fishing or perhaps – if the weather permits – a yacht cruise on the Med.

History Buffs: Travelling abroad for your stag do provides ample ground for new and exotic experiences, tasting weird and wonderful food and drinks and meeting a whole host of new people. It also means suddenly having access to a wealth of fascinating new histories and traditions in foreign lands, which for History Buffs is absolute paradise. In Bucharest? How about a history infused Communist Tour? In Krakow? Perhaps a daytrip out to Auschwitz?


Party Animals: These guys are pretty easy to please on a stag do. All they want to do is party. But while every stag do group can go out clubbing for the night, not every stag group knows where the hottest local nightspots or alternative rave venues are. Surprise even the most die-hard party animal by taking them clubbing in an underground ex-war bunker in Budapest or partying on a bonafide Pirate Boat in Ayia Napa. And for the night owls who like to party in style, how about a VIP club night with bottles, table service and more!

Chilled Dudes: Picking out activities for the more chilled out dudes in the crowd shouldn’t be a problem. These guys are happy to go along with more or less anything and they never cause any trouble, so why not reward them for their laid-back state of being, with an equally chilled out activity. A relaxing boat cruise down the river would go down a treat, and all the hungover party animals will thank you for the down time. Alternatively, a chilled out night having a boy’s dinner or indulging in a light pub crawl would tick the boxes for this languid lad.

Naughty Boys: There is always one in every stag group. The guy who lures the others into debauchery, attracts general mischief and usually ends up calling in a stripper. But instead of getting him bored and causing even more trouble, indulge his naughty side with some slightly saucier activities. Mud wrestling with minimally clad ladies might do the trick, or for the less exotic solution, why not have a stripper pop up where you’re least expecting it – like in the back of your limo on the way home from the airport!

Culture Vultures: Not to be confused with the History Buffs, the Culture Vulture is the fellow who usually travels abroad to indulge in the plethora of new and unique cultures on offer. Whether that means tantalising the taste buds with a traditional meal, or a dedicated wine or local alcohol tasting; or perusing the local street art, there is a great collection of cultural options for those so inclined. If your Culture Vulture has an adventurous streak, try checking out the culture on safari from the back of a quad bike, or go on a Trabant trek where culture merges seamlessly with epic fun times! Budapest is certainly a city to watch out for.

Beer Monsters: We know you’ll all be guzzling back pint of golden stag juice at every given opportunity, but if you have any serious Beer Monsters in your pack, an awesome way to keep them happy is by going on a tour of a local brewery. Cities like Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam have excellent brewery tours on offer, and even the little island of Cyprus has some secret microbreweries that welcome stag groups with open arms. And for the active Beer Monster, perhaps a beer bike tour which allows them to see the sights of the city with an ice cold brew in hand at all times!