Firstly, I’m going to ask you to think what exactly the ultimate relaxation is, then I’m going to ask: what exactly do you do for it?

It’s the sixtieth anniversary of the Jacuzzi® brand. There’s more to this than me taking to a huge notion to lecture you on what hydrotherapy is. Jacuzzi® were actually the first to make the whole idea of the whirlpool and hydrotherapy experience happen. I will address the reason for why that is special a little bit later on.

Rather than me writing about what people know already, I’ll write about what I know and my personal experiences. I’d gamble a lot of money on this message coming up being a relevant one. I know that there is a very regular process for people after they finish work. I know what the go–to plan is for a large majority of people. This plan is to plonk themselves down in front of the television on a night time, knife and fork in hand and dinner tray on their lap, with their mobile phone at reachable length for when the TV adverts come on. What’s wrong with that? I guess the answer would be varied for a large amount of people. I’ll be careful that this doesn’t turn in to a rant here, but I remember the days when my mum and dad used to tell me that they only needed their phones for texting and ringing, they don’t need it for any of this other fancy stuff. Now I get home after training and there is a typical way to connect with them… It’s over Wi -FI and I send them a message on the ‘FAM’ Whatsapp.

There are a lot of things which we would all change with the world. No matter how big, no matter how small. Now it has got me wondering, what if we flip the idea of what relaxation is on its head. Wrong! What if we flip the idea of what we do to relax on it’s head? I’ve learnt that it doesn’t have to be the regime to sit on the sofa and stare at your phone. Imagine if we started talking to each other again and forgot about the Twittersphere for a couple of hours. 

There are too may occurrences of going to bed without having a decent conversation with the people that actually matter. I’m guilty of that. I’m guilty of spending too much time on my phone, refreshing my twitter feed, hoping that something half amusing happens. I then look back on the day and think that there isn’t enough time in the day. But I know where I’ve slipped up. I think people can waste too much time on trivial stuff like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook instead of going to do something productive. Or in fact, just switching off completely.

I have visited Adam Cuthbertson’s humble abode plenty of times. I am considering moving in with him for a spell actually. He thinks that’s because of his banter and originality, but the Jacuzzi® hot tub he owns goes far in the idea of me fully winding down. Don’t tell him that.

When I think of ultimate relaxation, I’ve got a pretty vivid picture of what my version is. It’s a private villa overlooking the beach, a barbecue sizzling to my right and a Jacuzzi® hot tub bubbling to my left. With all of the day to do whatever I please. So the idea of me going home to my house in Leeds after a stressful day, and ‘having a lie down’ doesn’t quite wash with me all of the time. So I plan to to change it. 

Jacuzzi® has taken on the same role as the statutory name for hot tub’s as what Hoover has done for vacuum cleaners. Jacuzzi® is a brand, not a trademark. They are the first to create hydrotherapy and hydromassage. They continue to revolutionise the game. They don’t simply make hot tubs. They make saunas and steam rooms along with other advanced, premium products. When I entered the showroom in Leeds, I couldn’t believe the range of products they had in there.



I saw a particular product in the Jacuzzi® showroom and I uttered to myself “I’m going to have that one day”. It was the swim spa. For athletes, it’s like an ultimate step up from a pool. This is something special. Everything is going on. You can work out in there, swim against the powerful jets endlessly, or just relax! This seems to tick the box for what we would do as elite athletes. Typically, the day after the game, us Leeds Rhinos players would do a light weights session and then visit the pool for a swim, finishing off with a relaxing session of hydrotherapy straight after. So when I saw this, it ticked so many boxes.


Jacuzzi® is a premium brand which offers such a range of products servicing so many wellness benefits. 

Many of us are unclear on how pivotal hydrotherapy can actually be to our health and well being. Here’s what it’s proven to do:

 1.    Reduces muscle tension and relieves pain

Hydrotherapy stimulates the release of endorphins. This is a chemical reaction in the brain which acts as a natural pain reliever to reduce muscle soreness.

 2.    Boosts the immune system

The raised temperature of the water increases blood flow and circulation of white blood cells around the body which are vital in fighting colds and illness.

 3.    Relieves Stress

It reduces blood pressure which is a by-product of stress. It may also have a hand in slowing down the body’s reaction to anxiety and releases endorphins – the natural combatant for stress.

I think ultimate relaxation is definitely subjective. But I know what instantly comes to mind for ways to really wind down. Jacuzzi® are certainly the biggest player in how the whole concept of hydrotherapy has become so successful. A brand which oozes class, history and confidence. The fact that we find ourselves at the 60th anniversary of the Jacuzzi® brand epitomises that.

What little change can you make yourself to address how you actually relax?

To select your ultimate way to relax visit the Jacuzzi® Website or the Leeds showroom:
Old Mill Lane,
Low Road,
LS10 1RB

Visit to see more of how Jacuzzi and sport come together and excel. #SummerOfSport

See the range of products which Jacuzzi has to offer here