Here at Mantality we don’t underestimate the chance to pick the brains of any person. When the opportunity for a one-on-one bout of advice and wisdom with Lennox Lewis arose, we capitalised and went after getting some information from him which he hasn’t disclosed in the past.

We met up with Lennox at Cafe De Paris, London ahead of Bellator 158. Mantality writer George Clark chatted with the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. He was pleasantly surprised at the different questions we asked him. He talks Tyson, Dettol and supersets.


The euphoria of knocking down Mike Tyson wasn’t that special. For me it wasn’t overstated, we both had big mouths, big egos and I just got in the ring and proved my point. The fight which matters most was the Rahman knock down. That night, I felt like I was the King. He’d beaten me once before and it felt so good getting my title back.

I love escaping. My favourite place is in Negril, in the Jamaican mountains. But I love Germany. I like Cologne – it’s got great shopping, architecture and the beer. The woman are beautiful and there’s a soul to the place too.

The best innovators and leaders are the best speakers. You need somebody to lead a country who has vision, confidence but most importantly they need to be able to speak clearly, articulate and deliver a positive message.

When you’re hurt in the ring, everything stops. Taking a stinger – your whole brain slows down for five minutes, and  then speeds up again, it feels like it will never end. Those five minutes are the longest.

I’m excited in seeing other sports develop. I think the rugby league team in Canada will be a huge success, we have fantastic athletes from football and with that same  kind of explosive movement – it needs to be pushed to schoolkids, that’s the next step.

The smell which reminds me of childhood. Dettol. I used to hate going to hospitals when I was kid – it’s a smell that lingers in your nostrils and reminds me of nurses and doctors.

Supersets are my go to workout. Ten different exercises in thirty minutes set as fast as I can – it’s that simple.

Boxing will still be king. UFC doesn’t threaten boxing – we’re brothers in arms, we respect one another’s sports and put everything into our training but people will still enjoy both just like chess and chequers.